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As an Orlando musician seeking tangible and personal ways to help my friends, community, and all those affected by these recent tragedies, I am offering a digital copy of my ambient, instrumental album, Acoustic Healing, for free to anyone in need of some meditative healing music. Here is the album songlist:

2016 Acoustic Healing Album Back Cover Art

My wife, Lynn, and I have so very many friends directly affected by these horrific events. We had a brief scare on Sunday about the whereabouts of one of our absolute most dear and favorite people in Orlando. That friend is safe, thank God, but the 1st degree of separation stories of friends who lost loved ones immediately started pouring in and were shockingly unending. We learned on Monday that a much-loved member of our tight-knit music community was named as a victim of the Pulse Shooting.

Our thoughts and prayers are especially with our friends Ron Legler and Andrew Springer, two of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with and co-founders of Pulse Orlando as well as The Abbey, one of our favorite Orlando venues.

Speaking of favorite Orlando venues, before the news of Sunday, we were already completely shaken to our core about the Christina Grimmie tragedy at The Plaza Live on Friday night. As a venue that we’ve not only frequented more times than we can count for some of the most memorable concerts we’ve ever attended, but also a venue where we’ve hosted our own events including Shut Up & Play: An All-Instrumental Music Festival and Christmas with Kevin Max, The Plaza has been a welcoming home for our grassroots contributions to Orlando’s music scene.

Our home turf has been invaded, compromised and defiled, and we are feeling it sorely. Orlando is strong and will recover in time, but right now we are just deeply, deeply wounded and unimaginably sad, especially for our beloved arts and music community which has been hit devastatingly hard.

Acoustic Healing was born out of my life’s personal healing journey, which began a few years ago. I would be honored if it becomes a part of your healing journey, too. God bless.


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